SCI Building Feedback

October 4, 2017

Two weeks ago, more than 100 committed citizens joined us at the new Studer Community Institute building to plan its future. Thanks to the input and feedback, this iconic building will soon be a place where the community can discuss ways to improve quality of life, learn from expert speakers about best practices or new discoveries in a variety of subjects. After an initial review of all the information received, here are some of the key themes we heard.

  • Places for community conversations and connections
    • Impromptu meetings
    • Group meetings
    • Small workspaces
    • Community outreach meetings
  • New and different food options
    • Food court-style dining
    • Food trucks
    • Formal dining/restaurant
    • Coffee shop or cafe-style options
    • Bar, cocktail, or lounge type offerings
  • Locations for events of different sizes and types
    • Networking events
    • Board meeting space
    • Holiday parties or rehearsal dinners
    • Arts and music spaces and options
  • Educational opportunities of all kinds
    • Small business training options
    • Child care service during events
    • Lab School for Pre-K learning opportunities
    • Place for professional certifications or trainings
  • Technology that works for the community
    • High-speed wireless internet
    • Options for video conferencing or webinars
    • Information on community events and activities
    • Whiteboard-type spaces for meetings and brainstorming
  • Family, community and wellness activities
    • Live music or arts presentations
    • Outdoor activities including games, educational space, etc.
    • “Garden Street” emphasis on green space and landscaping
    • Health and wellness programs, activities, or information

…and that’s just a start!